Vantage Point’s investment platform is an open architecture framework that continually evolves as we research new & innovative investment solutions to add value to proven investment management techniques. Vantage Point specializes in portfolio construction, portfolio management, and manager selection in the public capital markets. Rather than using traditional terms such as “fixed income” and “equities,” which are limiting and sometimes misleading, we classify investments by their expected behavior and outcome.


The purpose of Income & Capital Preservation investments is twofold:

(1) Provide regular cash flow through interest or dividend payments for reinvestment or spending;
(2) Moderate overall portfolio volatility (diversification and capital preservation).

Canadian Bonds

We buy high quality, investment grade, Canadian bonds with a minimum credit rating of ‘A’ at the time of purchase. The client receives the full institutional rate, as being independent allows us to shop for the best yield among major bond dealers.

Preferred Shares

We invest in high quality, investment grade or equivalent preferred shares, including split preferred shares with substantial downside protection at the time of acquisition. For each preferred share, our objective is to generate a significant after-tax premium above a government guaranteed bond over the holding period.


The purpose of Growth investments is to provide the opportunity for higher rates of return through capital appreciation and regular cash distributions (dividends, return of capital, or interest). Growth investments should be viewed as longer-term allocations with a time horizon of at least 5 years.

Core Canadian Equities

The core Canadian equity asset class is concentrated, well diversified and consists of companies that have stable earnings, solid balance sheets, dominate their industry, and continue to grow their dividends.

High-yield/Small Capitalization Equities

We are seeking companies that produce a high dividend yield and/or smaller companies that provide a higher growth potential. Diversification is of paramount importance.

Global Equity and High Yield Debt

We select best-in-class global managers who are value oriented and not restricted by geographic allocations. Global bonds can provide additional diversification opportunities.

Emerging Market Equity

Emerging market equity provides higher potential returns commensurate with higher risk. As these markets are volatile we strategically allocate between a broad market or concentrated style.

Commodities and Precious Metals

We focus on commodity sectors that we believe will benefit as developing nations continue to grow economically. As standards of living increase, the demand for power, food and base metals will increase. The purpose of holding precious metals (primarily gold) is mainly as a hedge (like insurance) to protect against unknown and uncertain negative future events.