For the last 30 years the income from bonds and GIC’s has been declining. Income tax and inflation erode what little income these investments now provide.

It is possible to enhance your income, preserve capital, lower your tax bill and have stability in your income stream – all with transparent quarterly reporting, independent custody of your assets and low costs.

Use the tax impact tool to see the dramatic impact an enhanced income solution can have on your after tax income and learn how we can customize a portfolio that reflects your personal circumstances and objectives.

Higher Income

Investors buy GIC’s, Canada Savings Bonds, mortgages, annuities or other insurance products because they want a stable income stream. The overall return, flexibility and tax treatment on these investments is typically lower, but they provide income stability.

The Enhanced Income solution by Vantage Point is designed to provide stable income through our disciplined approach, open architecture framework and long history of specializing in the Income & Capital Preservation markets.

Capital Preservation

Investors that are looking for a stable income stream are not typically willing to accept material increases in risk to achieve a higher income. Unfortunately this means that they have to adjust (sacrifice) higher income opportunities to maintain their risk profile.

The Enhanced Income solution. depending on each customized portfolio and assuming a more conservative asset mix, is designed to preserve capital by investing in well diversified, high grade investments that provide an enhanced income stream.

Low volatility

As portfolio construction specialists we counsel investors in the balance between enhancing income and appropriate risk. For investors that are looking for stability through all market environments, a portfolio would be designed to reflect those specific objectives.

Tax efficiency

When it comes to income, tax efficiency should not be overlooked. The net income from an investment is what is available for spending and thus the more efficient an investment is, the greater the available (or net) income is.

If tax efficiency is an objective for the portfolio, an Enhanced Income solution is designed to increase tax efficiency while having an appropriate balance between risk, increasing your income stream and reducing your tax rate.