Whether you are an individual or family, financial advisor, foundation, trust, endowment or charity, the delivery of our process and solutions are executed without compromise:  integrity is one of our core values.


A “private client” is a financial industry term describing individuals or families that have accumulated significant wealth, typically greater than $1Million in investible assets.

Portfolio Management is a specialized profession within the investment industry. It has evolved from the demand from wealthy individuals to have investment professionals acting exclusively on their behalf.

Vantage Point is appropriate for wealthy individuals:

  • Who have limited time, interest or expertise with directly managing their own wealth – they want to delegate daily investment decisions to a team of experienced portfolio managers.
  • Who desire portfolios to reflect their own unique circumstances with relevant reporting.
  • Looking for a professional and local relationship with direct access to their portfolio manager.
  • Preferring a reasonable fee that is transparent and does not conflict with investment decisions.


If you are responsible for a foundation, trust or charity that has over $1Million in investible assets, Vantage Point will be a valuable partner to guide your investment policy and strategy. The expertise that is required to manage the financial assets of a foundation is very unique.  You also need accurate and timely reporting, transparency and assistance in fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities.

The portfolio managers at Vantage Point have decades of experience managing the assets of foundations and trusts.