Where it is appropriate to consider a balance between income and capital preservation with an opportunity for some growth, our global balanced strategy could be a good fit. This strategy is for those whose objectives necessitate participation in the equity markets with a measured allocation to income and capital preservation investments for downside protection.

Utilizing our entire platform we customize portfolios for each of our clients to ensure we have the highest probability of achieving their objectives with the least amount of risk necessary.

Each account and each asset class can be customized to a client’s unique circumstances. For example, if a client works in the energy industry and has their income, pension and stock options tied to the energy business, a portfolio that has a reduced exposure to energy stocks may be appropriate.

Using our disciplined investment process we construct portfolios that are risk appropriate and reflect the objectives of the investors that hire us.

We do not use models or proprietary pooled funds. We respect that each investor is different and thus their portfolio should also be unique to their needs.